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Safety Films

They say necessity is the mother of invention and so it is with ArmorTint¨. Safety and security film was originally developed as a defense against terrorism and violence. Today, Armorcoat is still at work around the world protecting against these threats. Homeowners and business managers have discovered how this unique product also helps protect against accidents, storms, hurricanes, burglary, ultraviolet, solar energy and fire. Few products provide so many valuable benefits.
  • ArmorTint vs. Flying Glass
    A simple, everyday accident such as a golf ball or baseball hit through a window can wreak havoc. Dangerous glass shards can harm family members or employees. With Armorcoat safety and security film on the job, the glass may shatter, but the film helps hold it together, preventing serious injuries from flying glass shards.

  • ArmorTint vs. The Elements
    Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and wind storms can also send flying glass through the homes or workplace. Armorcoat safety and security films have proven to withstand these elements. Because Armorcoat helps hold glass in place, it can protect against water damage that is common in a tornado or hurricane. In addition, Armorcoat helps protect against looting and can eliminate the cost of boarding up broken windows until they can be reglazed.

  • ArmorTint vs. Burglary
    A burglar breaks a window and in a few seconds, gains access to your home or business. Or, he smashes a storefront window and steals merchandise in a typical smash and grab theft. Armorcoat deters would-be burglars by resisting blows that would shatter glass without safety and security film. Police have credited Armorcoat with deterring thefts at department stores, computer outlets, clothing chains and numerous other retail, commercial and residential locations.

  • ArmorTint vs. Ultraviolet
    Ultraviolet is the primary cause of fading carpets, furniture, draperies and accessories. Armorcoat films are available in a clear and a variety of solar performance versions. All reject almost 100% of damaging ultraviolet. Armorcoat solar safety and security films can reject up to 77% of the sun's heat. Combined with the ultraviolet protection, Armorcoat helps reduce fading of valuable furnishings and soft goods. In addition, Armorcoat solar performance films improve comfort, reduce energy bills and enhance the appearance of the building.

  • ArmorTint  vs. Fire
    Oxygen feeds fire. When a fire begins, windows and glass doors can easily shatter when subjected to pressure from radiated heat. Oxygen pours in from these openings and feeds the fire. Armorcoat safety and security films greatly reduce the risk of shattering, minimizing the fire and resulting damage.

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